Home media integration and other televisory matters

Fol­lo­wing up on my last pos­ting, there are a few more things that come to mind when thin­king about the future of TV sets. With all those video strea­ming ser­vices that I want, I also would like inte­gra­tion with my lapop (or iPhone or iPad, or wha­te­ver other media con­sump­tion devices there are in the hou­se­hold). If I see a video on one of my devices, I’d like to be able to easily trans­fer that run­ning stream onto my TV set. So, for instance, I am brow­sing TED and find a pre­sen­ta­tion that I’d like to con­ti­nue watching while I do some­thing else on an iPad (which I cur­rently don’t own, but that is ano­ther topic). So then, I’d like to bounce the stream off to the TV set in the room I’m cur­rently in and con­ti­nue to use the iPad for other things.
And on the sub­ject of trans­fers: I more often than not carry my iPhone on me. I can easily have my ear­pho­nes plug­ged in there, and the cable not tangle with anything. So then, my lap­top should link up with the audio out­put of the iPhone and trans­fer it’s sound out via the iPhone. That way, I could walk around and con­ti­nue to lis­ten to what I have on the com­pu­ter — or just not be tied to the com­pu­ter by means of head­phone cable.
I’d like to be able to watch HD con­tent, record and play­back it at my lei­sure. And get HD con­tent in such a way so that I can watch dif­fe­rent HD chan­nels on dif­fe­rent TV sets con­cur­rently, and wit­hout pay­ing a monthly sum for every sin­gle device. We can do that now, with the plain ana­log cable ser­vice that we have. By means of cab­ling, we can dis­tri­bute the signal to mul­ti­ple TV sets. Anything but that would be a step back­ward, to my mind. It would be a great plus if the HD con­tent could also be wat­ched on lap­tops (and we have both Win­dows and Mac­in­tosh devices in the hou­se­hold, of which one Win­dows lap­top regu­larly gets used for watching TV with a USB TV tuner), but that is even a secon­dary goal. I’d be happy if we could just get two TV sets. Of course, if we just had one media sto­rage solu­tion so that recor­dings of TV shows could be shown on any screen around, that would be a plus — but that seems to cur­rently not be easily avail­able.
It seems there’s still a great many chal­len­ges out there to get media stuff working con­ve­ni­ently and easily …

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