Steve Jobs for President (or: Apple Engineering for politics)

I admit it: I’ve star­ted rea­ding A Regu­lar Guy by Mona Simp­son which starts out by the main cha­rac­ter deci­ding he would like to run for office. I am not enter­tai­ning any pet theo­ries on the likeli­ness of Ste­ve Jobs ent­e­ring public poli­tics or run­ning for an office (or his par­ti­cu­lar talents making him a good choice).
How would poli­tics be re-engi­nee­red by the thought pro­cess that work on pro­ducts wit­hin Apple? What would be the things, the objec­tives the very, very per­fec­tio­nist mind of Ste­ve Jobs would focus on? What could a radi­cal mind like his actual­ly accom­plish?