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The British …

Via Boing Boing:

Eine Show mit Rebec­ca Loos, der SMS-Gespie­lin von David Beck­ham, in der sie einen Eber mit der Hand zum Samen­er­guss brach­te, war Gegen­stand einer Unter­su­chung des Bri­tish Office of Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons. Die Unter­su­chung wur­de jetzt ohne Bean­stan­dung abgeschlossen. 

Die per­fekt bri­ti­sche Begrün­dung: „We don’t belie­ve that the sce­ne was degra­ding or harm­ful to the boar.“

Interesting developments

I’ve publicly admit­ted that I’m qui­te a fan of Cory Doc­to­row. So it will hard­ly come as a sur­pri­se that I’m also on his mai­ling list. Today, he sent out a pie­ce of mail that’s also appeared on Boing­bo­ing: Cory Off­line. This got me thinking.

This pie­ce of e‑mail (and blog pos­ting) to me is much more than just the fact that the man now is final­ly in a posi­ti­on to take a pro­bab­ly much-deser­ved vaca­ti­on. But I also find it inte­res­ting that he announ­ces that so very publicly. I’ve hard­ly ever seen an artist who is in such a tight loop with a glo­bal audience—assuming that ques­ti­ons on his whe­rea­bouts would pop up had he just gone on holi­days without the announcement. 

Mr Doc­to­row is qui­te the inter­net figu­re: He’s well-con­nec­ted and has a clear grasp of what cur­rent trends are, both tech­ni­cal­ly and socially—in app­li­ca­ti­ons and in legal mat­ters. He’s a pro­li­fic wri­ter who not only pro­du­ces inte­res­ting dai­ly con­tent, he also has a sharp mind in deve­lo­ping the cur­rent sta­te of affairs fur­ther and wri­ting gre­at books about it. He’s influ­en­ti­al in shaping whe­re things are going by vir­tue of working for the EFF. And now, he’s even accoun­ta­ble for whe­re he is. Publicly. 

To me, at least, this gives a new mea­ning to what being an inter­net cele­bri­ty is. 

Fasci­na­ting stuff. 

Sysadmin day, II

Con­ti­nuing sys­ad­min day, we repla­ced the trus­ted but alrea­dy old DSL rou­ter with a new pie­ce of hard­ware. Until today, our DSL line was hand­led by an ISA-based 486 machi­ne with 600mb of disk that con­tains a ker­nel com­pi­led Aug 8, 2001. Ori­gi­nal instal­la­ti­on of that sys­tem (with Net­BSD back then, too) was in 1999; hard­ware was basi­cal­ly unch­an­ged sin­ce. And even today, the sys­tem has an uptime of 112 days—it’s been up sin­ce the last power fail­u­re we had. 

But as we’­re cur­r­ent­ly inves­ti­ga­ting VPN solu­ti­ons and a few other chan­ges to our local net­work, the time has come to put that machi­ne (aptly named ’spee­dy‘) to rest. We took deli­very of the new Dray­tek 2900 that repla­ces it last week and on sys­ad­min day today, I instal­led it. So this is alrea­dy pos­ted via that new rou­ter. Con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on was fair­ly strai­ght­for­ward (but then, it’s not the first Dray­tek thing I had my hands on) and went smooth­ly; our off­line time was less than five minutes.

It’s still some­what of an odd fee­ling to power down spee­dy, though. I haven’t yet done that. 

Sysadmin day

Today was ano­t­her sys­ad­min day. Our pri­ma­ry file­ser­ver at the office has been run­ning out of space for some time now—hardly sur­pri­sing, with the shared file­sys­tem being only 40GB. It had been run­ning RAID­frame in a RAID1 con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on qui­te hap­pi­ly, but new tasks for the machi­ne also made an update advi­s­able. So we got a won­der­ful Seri­al ATA Enclo­sure Kit by Adap­t­ec, which inclu­des a decent SATA RAID con­trol­ler and a 4 disk Hotswap-Enclosure. 

Last week, I instal­led a new ver­si­on of Net­BSD onto the disks in the enclo­sure on ano­t­her sys­tem and we copied the latest ver­si­ons of all files on the ser­ver onto the new set yes­ter­day. Today was the big day: first thing in the morning, I shut down the file­ser­ver, we rip­ped out the old disks and instal­led the new con­trol­ler and disks. It turns out that instal­ling the enclo­sure is a bit of a hass­le in our 19″ machi­ne, but it worked out in the end. At the same time, we also repla­ced the crap­py Real­tek ether­net card that still was in that machi­ne with a decent Intel Pro/1000 that, amongst other things, can do checks­um offloading. 

And after boo­ting and con­fi­gu­ring the ser­vers IP address, lo and behold, ever­ything worked! Fixing up the con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on with the things I had for­got­ten last week took about half an hour, and even during that time, the cru­cial ser­vices had all been restored. 

After a work­day of having the ’new‘ sys­tem up and run­ning, I’m decent­ly hap­py with the thing. I still have the sore fin­gers from all the muck­ing around with non-fit­ting hard­ware, but other than that, things just work. 

Schneier on Security

Oh! Bruce Schnei­er hat jetzt auch einen Blog, Schnei­er on Secu­ri­ty. Was frü­her nur Cryp­to-Gram, sei­ne Mai­ling-Lis­te war, ist jetzt auch schnel­ler online, wie er selbst erklärt. Herr Schnei­er ist einer der füh­ren­den Köp­fe in der öffent­lich ein­seh­ba­ren Kryp­graphie; sei­ne Argu­men­ta­tio­nen bezüg­lich öffent­li­cher Sicher­heit sind auch immer ein paar Minu­ten Mit­den­ken wert. 

(via Boing­Bo­ing)

Praktisch, praktisch, praktisch

Ich ver­link­te zwar schon drauf, fin­de aber, dass es noch einer extra Erwäh­nung not tut: Pres­se­por­tal ist eine sehr hand­li­che Über­sicht für Pres­se­mit­tei­lun­gen der ver­schie­dens­ten Stel­len, Ver­laut­ba­run­gen und Fir­men, und das alles auch mit schö­nen RSS-Feeds. So fin­det sich ein Feed der Poli­zei Aachen, in dem man die Aus­sendun­gen der loka­len Poli­zei schön zusam­men­ge­fasst hat; das gan­ze gibts natür­lich auch für vie­le ande­re Städ­te.

When I grow up, I want to be …

a wri­ter. I’ve always had a fasci­na­ti­on with wri­ting. I’ve always dreamt of wri­ting. There’s much I like about it: The fee­ling of the fin­gers tou­ch­ing the key­board, seing the screen fill with my thoughts and ide­as, being able to bring them into the minds of other peop­le. I also like the idea of peop­le get­ting to know me through rea­ding my stuff; heck, who would­n’t be impres­sed of seing some of his work prin­ted or being asked ques­ti­ons about things one wro­te? So far, more of my expe­ri­ence in wri­ting is in code. Most of the time, I like wri­ting code, but I’d also like to wri­te pro­se. I still have the impres­si­on that they’­re somehow rela­ted (or at least, some kinds of pro­gramming are rela­ted to some kinds of writing).
My pro­blem is just that I have so litt­le ide­as. Or rather, I have some ide­as but am sel­dom­ly hap­py with the way they turn out. I seem to be unab­le to deve­lop them into more than just sta­tic vignet­tes. Cha­rac­ter deve­lo­p­ment? What’s that? But may­be it’s a mat­ter of focus and disci­pli­ne. So far, I’ve always writ­ten down in one run, more stream of con­scious­ness than anything else. But may­be the trick is just to sit down a cer­tain times and con­ti­nue doing the thing. 

GnuPG Key

Es war mal wie­der so weit, ich habe einen neu­en Key gene­riert. Zu haben ent­we­der vom obi­gen Link oder von einem Key­ser­ver Dei­ner Wahl. 

pub 1024D/E2E1113B 2004-08-16 Konrad Neuwirth
Key fingerprint = 9231 C0D4 3B74 7439 2953 4BF8 B153 CEE3 E2E1 113B
sub 2048g/693F07BB 2004-08-16

Der Drucker.

Er ist immer noch nicht da, der Oki. Wir haben ihn schon vor ein paar Wochen bestellt, aber bei den gan­zen Dis­tri­bu­to­ren wird der Lie­fer­ter­min ver­scho­ben und ver­scho­ben. Also habe ich bei Oki in Düs­sel­dorf ange­ru­fen … Ende August hat man mir gesagt, man sei gera­de dabei, etwas an der Pro­dukt­rei­he zu ver­än­dern. Naja. Auch schon bes­se­re Infor­ma­ti­ons­po­li­tik erlebt. 

Gera­de noch ein paar Wort­fet­zen von Gui­do Wes­ter­wel­le bei zur Ker­ry-Rede gese­hen. Ent­spann­ter wirkt er seit sei­nem Outing.

Freundlichkeit kennt keine Grenzen!

Wir sind gera­de dabei, (Ursu­las Onkel) Heinz bei der Gestal­tung eines Buches zu unter­stüt­zen. Wir haben im beim Lay­out gehol­fen, heu­te soll­te es dar­um gehen, wie das fer­ti­ge Buch nun gebun­den wird.

Die Buch­bin­de­rin, die wir auf­such­ten, woll­te offen­sicht­lich unse­ren Auf­trag nicht.

Es wäre so ein­fach gewe­sen. Wir wären leicht zu begeis­tern gewe­sen. Es hät­te nur etwas Freund­lich­keit und Inter­es­se gebraucht. Wir fan­den aber Lust­lo­sig­keit und Lang­wei­le. Wir hat­ten ein Pro­be­ex­em­plar mit, das wir nur mal eben im Copy­shop hat­ten bin­den las­sen – wir hät­ten also alle Ent­schei­dun­gen direkt vor Ort tref­fen kön­nen. Nein, auf die Fra­ge nach dem Preis für 40 Stück hör­ten wir „Da müss­ten wir dann noch mal ver­han­deln.“ Ja, ehr­lich? Wann denn, wenn nicht jetzt?

Schein­bar gibt es, dem gene­rel­len Gejam­me­re um die wirt­schaft­li­che Situa­ti­on Deutsch­lands trot­zend, noch Geschäf­te, die kei­ne neu­en Kun­den brau­chen – wir wer­den jeden­falls dort kei­nen Auf­trag hintragen. 

Und zu allem Über­fluss wur­de ich dann heu­te auch noch versetzt.