Why is it that most every appli­ca­ti­on on this pla­net on the ope­ra­ting sys­tems I’ve used so far is eit­her not doing any decent spell­ch­e­cking (we’­re not even tal­king grammar che­cking yet), or brings along dozens of mega­bytes of dic­tio­n­a­ries and then can’t hand­le mul­ti­ple lan­guages graceful­ly? Loo­king at my blog you’ll see that I wri­te in two lan­guages, and that’s true with almost any wri­ting I do, from email to inter­nal notes. My edi­tor (emacs) can hand­le mul­ti­ple lan­guages. My email appli­ca­ti­on on Win­dows can (The Bat!). And often enough I have to use Word for Win­dows, that can also do it. But they have sepa­ra­te dic­tio­n­a­ries, so all the words I teach them, I have to teach all of them. And at the same time, I do more and more of my wri­ting in web brow­sers, and tho­se don’t spell-check at all. 

Come on! There’s so many smart things user inter­faces can do. Why can’t they do some­thing that basic? It would cer­tain­ly impro­ve many peo­p­les lives. 

(By the way, my off­line blog edi­tor can hand­le eng­lish, but not ger­man. Sigh.)

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