Data Roaming?

Coming home from two weeks abroad and some idle time to think, I have a few more topics to blog about.
One of them is one of the things I con­sider one of the most obs­ce­ne forms of rip­off the mobi­le pho­ne car­ri­ers do is „data roa­ming.“ If you want to bring your smart­phone online, what they do is they do not let you easi­ly use their own data net­work, but rather insist on trans­port­ing your IP traf­fic over their own net­works to your home pro­vi­der whe­re it then is allo­wed to hit the public internet.
What is this?
Let me just use the local net­work, I don’t care whe­re the tran­sit into IP world hap­pens. This would be so much che­a­per, and any decent pho­ne can hand­le the con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on. Heck, I did this years ago with my Treo!

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  1. Avatar von Andy

    Whilst I sym­pa­thise, it’s not that simp­le. The real asset is the wire­less spec­trum and net­work whe­re you are visi­ting – your home car­ri­er does­n’t own it. Someone has to pay to get the data off your hand­set and onto „a“ net­work – th easy stuff hap­pens after that.

    The visi­ted net­work wants its pound of flesh.

    The­re are alter­na­tes, they all invol­ve a chan­ge of SIM card. might work for you.

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