Features for Twitter for Mac

Twitter’s nati­ve app for Mac OS has been my pri­ma­ry Twit­ter envi­ron­ment for some time now. I used it befo­re it got that enti­re­ly new (non­stan­dard) user inter­face. I still like it bet­ter than the other Twit­ter app’s I’ve seen out the­re, but the­re are a few gripes with it that I have. 

  • I like to be able to drag apps by taking their top­most ele­ment in the win­dow. I don’t like to see that bit of UI con­ven­ti­on out the door; I don’t like the fact that I have to pick up the Twit­ter win­dow by it’s right-side margin. 
  • I would like the default of pre­sen­ting Twit­ter user­na­mes to indi­ca­te whe­ther I alre­a­dy fol­low them or not; this would be espe­ci­al­ly useful on fri­days. May­be give the names two distinct back­ground colours, very light but noti­ca­ble. That way, I could see the over­lap with others, and not have to access each name seperately. 
  • Some­ti­mes, loa­ding images from twit­pic does not work relia­bly, and I have no idea as to why. I have to clo­se the popup and reopen it for the image to load. 
  • Hand­ling blo­cking users is not con­sis­tent: When I am on the “Men­ti­ons” tab and block a user, the tweet I am on dis­ap­pears right away. If I am doing the blo­cking in the user’s pro­fi­le, the tweets of that user remain in my time­line and men­ti­ons. I’d much rather see them dis­ap­pear everywhere. 

But I’m sure they’ll all be addres­sed in later versions. 🙂 

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