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  • Installing apache, fastcgi & php-fpm on dragonflybsd

    We’­re curr­ent­ly in the pro­cess of tran­si­tio­ning our web ser­vers from Net­BSD to Dra­gon­flyBSD; along with that, we’­re also swit­ching our PHP plat­form to php-fpm. The­re are a few les­sons we lear­ned in the process.  First: At least on Dra­gon­flyBSD 2.10, apache2 does not at all per­form well as apa­che-mpm-worker. Swit­ching to apa­che-mpm-pre­fork chan­ged our […]

  • Mailman problems

    For one of lists, one of the sub­scri­bers had the stran­gest pro­blem. He kept get­ting boun­ces that the list ali­as does not even exist, whilst at the same time other sub­scri­bers could well wri­te to that list. It turns out that his mail ser­ver was rewri­ting the To:-address, resol­ving the CNAME of the host­na­me that […]

  • PowerDNS under MacOS X 10.6.4

    Thanks to an ent­ry on LSD::RELOAD I was final­ly able to get powerdns to run on my MacOS X 10.6.4 system.  Out of per­so­nal pre­fe­rence I wan­ted it to run with post­gres­ql ins­tead of mys­ql, so the­re was a litt­le figu­ring out invol­ved in how to get things going wit­hout the mys­ql dri­ver – appar­ent­ly, […]

  • Ich mag shell …

    for i in *.html; do mv $i {$i%.html}.php; done Und schon sind alle HTML-Datei­en PHP-Datei­en. Ich mag Shell. 

  • fcgid und http authentication

    Dank ever­flux gelöst. Wenn man PHP mit fhc­gid fährt und dann dabei auch noch http authen­ti­ca­ti­on machen möch­te, muss man in der Kon­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons-Datei von apa­che einen Ein­trag ergän­zen. Bei uns steht jetzt in der Sec­tion <ifmodule mod_fcgid.c>noch Passheader Authorization.