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  • Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    It is a wide­ly held belief that Ste­ve Jobs is a man to trans­form indus­tries. He’s done it befo­re, and I think he (with his com­pa­ny Apple) has set his eyes to do it yet again. This time, it’s tele­pho­ny. And I can’t bla­me him, it is a god-awful indus­try we (as a spe­ci­es, glo­bal­ly) […]

  • Some thoughts on Apple’s answer to the FCC

    Rea­ding Apple’s public ans­wer to the FCC’s ques­ti­ons, I can­not but noti­ce a few very spe­ci­fi­cal­ly worded parts of the ans­wer that I’d like to highlight. The App Store pro­vi­des a fric­tion­less dis­tri­bu­ti­on net­work that levels the play­ing field for indi­vi­du­al and lar­ge deve­lo­pers of mobi­le appli­ca­ti­ons. We pro­vi­de every deve­lo­per with the same soft­ware […]