When I grow up, I want to be …

a writer. I’ve always had a fascination with writing. I’ve always dreamt of writing. There’s much I like about it: The feeling of the fingers touching the keyboard, seing the screen fill with my thoughts and ideas, being able to bring them into the minds of other people. I also like the idea of people getting to know me through reading my stuff; heck, who wouldn’t be impressed of seing some of his work printed or being asked questions about things one wrote? So far, more of my experience in writing is in code. Most of the time, I like writing code, but I’d also like to write prose. I still have the impression that they’re somehow related (or at least, some kinds of programming are related to some kinds of writing).
My problem is just that I have so little ideas. Or rather, I have some ideas but am seldomly happy with the way they turn out. I seem to be unable to develop them into more than just static vignettes. Character development? What’s that? But maybe it’s a matter of focus and discipline. So far, I’ve always written down in one run, more stream of consciousness than anything else. But maybe the trick is just to sit down a certain times and continue doing the thing.

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