Interesting developments

I’ve publicly admitted that I’m quite a fan of Cory Doctorow. So it will hardly come as a surprise that I’m also on his mailing list. Today, he sent out a piece of mail that’s also appeared on Boingboing: Cory Offline. This got me thinking.

This piece of e-mail (and blog posting) to me is much more than just the fact that the man now is finally in a position to take a probably much-deserved vacation. But I also find it interesting that he announces that so very publicly. I’ve hardly ever seen an artist who is in such a tight loop with a global audience—assuming that questions on his whereabouts would pop up had he just gone on holidays without the announcement.

Mr Doctorow is quite the internet figure: He’s well-connected and has a clear grasp of what current trends are, both technically and socially—in applications and in legal matters. He’s a prolific writer who not only produces interesting daily content, he also has a sharp mind in developing the current state of affairs further and writing great books about it. He’s influential in shaping where things are going by virtue of working for the EFF. And now, he’s even accountable for where he is. Publicly.

To me, at least, this gives a new meaning to what being an internet celebrity is.

Fascinating stuff.

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