Sysadmin day, II

Continuing sysadmin day, we replaced the trusted but already old DSL router with a new piece of hardware. Until today, our DSL line was handled by an ISA-based 486 machine with 600mb of disk that contains a kernel compiled Aug 8, 2001. Original installation of that system (with NetBSD back then, too) was in 1999; hardware was basically unchanged since. And even today, the system has an uptime of 112 days—it’s been up since the last power failure we had.

But as we’re currently investigating VPN solutions and a few other changes to our local network, the time has come to put that machine (aptly named ’speedy‘) to rest. We took delivery of the new Draytek 2900 that replaces it last week and on sysadmin day today, I installed it. So this is already posted via that new router. Configuration was fairly straightforward (but then, it’s not the first Draytek thing I had my hands on) and went smoothly; our offline time was less than five minutes.

It’s still somewhat of an odd feeling to power down speedy, though. I haven’t yet done that.

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