Sysadmin day

Today was another sysadmin day. Our primary fileserver at the office has been running out of space for some time now—hardly surprising, with the shared filesystem being only 40GB. It had been running RAIDframe in a RAID1 configuration quite happily, but new tasks for the machine also made an update advisable. So we got a wonderful Serial ATA Enclosure Kit by Adaptec, which includes a decent SATA RAID controller and a 4 disk Hotswap-Enclosure.

Last week, I installed a new version of NetBSD onto the disks in the enclosure on another system and we copied the latest versions of all files on the server onto the new set yesterday. Today was the big day: first thing in the morning, I shut down the fileserver, we ripped out the old disks and installed the new controller and disks. It turns out that installing the enclosure is a bit of a hassle in our 19″ machine, but it worked out in the end. At the same time, we also replaced the crappy Realtek ethernet card that still was in that machine with a decent Intel Pro/1000 that, amongst other things, can do checksum offloading.

And after booting and configuring the servers IP address, lo and behold, everything worked! Fixing up the configuration with the things I had forgotten last week took about half an hour, and even during that time, the crucial services had all been restored.

After a workday of having the ’new‘ system up and running, I’m decently happy with the thing. I still have the sore fingers from all the mucking around with non-fitting hardware, but other than that, things just work.

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