Installing apache, fastcgi & php-fpm on dragonflybsd

We’re currently in the process of transitioning our web servers from NetBSD to DragonflyBSD; along with that, we’re also switching our PHP platform to php-fpm. There are a few lessons we learned in the process.

First: At least on DragonflyBSD 2.10, apache2 does not at all perform well as apache-mpm-worker. Switching to apache-mpm-prefork changed our CPU load from 98% of apache to about 3-5% of apache.

Also, php-fpm was delivering too high a rate of 500 errors; this was not acceptable to our customers. Investigations into that lead me to the blog article at, which then sent me link-chasing to – ultimately – This means we now have a set of local patches to our pkgsrc tree that incorporate the patch from this posting. At first sight, this seems to have improved the situation.

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