Programming for quite a while … 

One of the most import­ant things I’ve read all week:

Any­way, at din­ner the other night the ques­tion came up of what’s the diff betw pro­gramming after 37 years, and pro­gramming after say 10 or 15. Here’s the deal. I know now that it’s import­ant to pace mys­elf. When I reach a level, I have to stop and admire the view. Maybe build a house or at least a ham­mock. Bring elec­tiri­city in. Find out where the super­mar­ket is, and the Starbuck’s. Don’t be so quick to move on, to build on your accom­plish­ments. It takes many years to undo the mis­ta­kes you make when you thought you were in a rush. It’s much fas­ter to catch your breath and think. Even pon­der a little. Weigh the choices.

Dave Winer at After X Years of Pro­gramming.

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