Things I don’t quite understand

The fingerprint sensor could indeed be quite a game changer. But I don’t understand why they don’t push into that direction more.

Apple is big on protecting children; Apps carry an age restriction; Mac OS has a rather advanced system of making certain capabilities or websites available over a central function (that is even available over the network). With the advent of the fingerprint sensor, the device now with the most natural ease available identify the person who accesses it and open up certain functions whilst keeping others locked. This makes perfect sense in many ways: dialing rules that let children access only a very small list of numbers, or even give them a button for ‚emergency calls‘ that only lets them call two or three numbers, whilst at the same time transmitting all information it can about that call (GPS position, environmental conditions, what do I know). It could let parents disable access to certain applications or in-app purchases. It could even do time-based things.

And once those functions are available, they could make the phone so much more appealing to enterprise customers, too.

Also, the fingerprint sensor could be so convenient for any app that does encryption. Not making it available at all (and that’s the way I understood the keynote) seems like a strange choice there.

If they’re serious about Siri in the car, why did they not show partners that will use iOS as soon as it’s available? Where are the car manufacturers that are cooperating with Apple on that?

I also do not understand why they spread out in three different models that way – but I trust them to understand the market dynamics better than I do.

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