Angry white men in exhi­bit what French social theo­rist Geor­ges Sorel cal­led „res­sen­ti­ment“ – a per­so­nal sen­se of self that is defi­ned always in rela­ti­ons­hip to some per­cei­ved inju­ry and who­se collec­ti­ve poli­tics mixes hat­red and envy of tho­se who we belie­ve have inju­red us. That „crea­ti­ve hat­red“, Sorel argues, is anathe­ma to serious collec­ti­ve action becau­se it is so easi­ly mani­pu­la­ted; it is more likely to spas­mo­dic vio­lent erup­ti­ons than a serious social movement.

Micha­el Kim­mel: Angry White Men.

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