BlueSecurity goes down

I’m sur­pri­sed that the demi­se of Blue­Secu­ri­ty actual­ly seems to draw such big cir­cles on the net.  The over­all sen­ti­ment seems to be one of sym­pa­thy with the peo­p­le behind Blue Frog. But wri­ting a tool that spams spam­mers does­n’t seem like such a  smart move to me in the first place.  For one, tho­se peo­p­le are at this job lon­ger and have more expe­ri­ence, and for two, thre­ats of mas­si­ve DDoS-attacks are­n’t par­ti­cu­lar­ly novel, eit­her. It is not at all sur­pri­sing that some­bo­dy who makes his living of using cra­cked com­pu­ters to send out mail in ways that often is ill­le­gal in most juris­dic­tions would start to reta­lia­te.  Stan­ding up and com­plai­ning about how com­ple­te­ly amo­ral the­se peo­p­le are is … point­less.  We knew that they are all along. 

What I find more sur­pri­sing is that the­re still is so very litt­le pres­su­re to final­ly get tho­se bot nets squas­hed. ISPs, law enforce­ment, politics—that’s whe­re they need to jump.  They need to get pres­su­re on Micro­soft to make bot­nets not some­thing as easi­ly estab­lished.  They ISPs need to get their act tog­e­ther to bet­ter deal with infec­ted machi­nes on resi­den­ti­al links.  Block con­nec­tions to the irc ser­vers the bot­nets con­nect to.  Get peo­p­le infor­med on what their PC is up to. Why does the world have to live with all tho­se hundreds of thou­sands of machi­nes that their owners can’t real­ly ope­ra­te well enough and are now sen­ding out junk like mad?

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