Apple Tablet

So let’s assu­me for a moment that Apple is real­ly going to to a Tablet. Why should they me model­ling it on the iPho­ne, and not the Mac? If it’s going to be with a 10″ or 12″ dis­play and have at least a half­way decent pro­ces­sor, I think the natu­ral choice would be to go with the Mac as the start­ing point; the Mod­Book shows the pos­si­bi­li­ty of such a ven­ture. There’s loads of soft­ware available for the Mac as a plat­form as oppo­sed to – pro­ba­b­ly none that would be run­ning wit­hout modi­fi­ca­ti­on in the App Store today. So if they want the platt­form to take off quick­ly, I guess it would be in their inte­rest to have the rea­dy-to-run soft­ware available right away.

If Apple were inde­ed to offer an App Store for the tablet, it more cer­tain­ly the not needs to be just one dis­tri­bu­ti­on chan­nel for the platt­form, not the only fea­si­ble way for deve­lo­pers to get soft­ware onto the devices.

But may­be Apple will again sur­pri­se us with an enti­re­ly new take on the topic. They’­ve done that before.

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