Software I like: Evernote

I’ve been a user of Ever­no­te for quite a while now, and I must admit that I’m also one of the lovers of that ser­vice. It does data sto­rage the way I felt it should be done. You can access your notes via local appli­ca­ti­ons on desk­top and lap­top, and that works well. I per­so­nal­ly use only the Mac­in­tosh ver­si­on (but that on mul­ti­ple machi­nes) for work­sta­tion use. But I can also access my data via the iPho­ne appli­ca­ti­on, or with the ever­no­te web app from just about any­whe­re. There’s also a Win­dows ver­si­on available, but I’ve never play­ed around with that.
I jour­nal all the ide­as that are on my mind within Ever­no­te; that way, I am sure that I have all ide­as that might war­rant revi­si­ting at a later point are caught, becau­se it’s just so easy and quick to wri­te them down and have them stored in a way that I can access from anywhere.
I know that the­re are many more fea­tures (uploa­ding PDFs, cap­tu­ring images and sto­ring them, image reco­gni­ti­on and many more), but none of tho­se have pro­vi­ded important to me. The fact that I can get to all my notes from any­whe­re, and with soft­ware that makes using the sto­rage easy and fast – it does feel like it’s a local appli­ca­ti­on, becau­se it is – that’s what has me convinced.
And the best thing? It just works.
High­ly recommended. 

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