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As you can see from the side­bar, I’m going to re:publica 2011. As a con­ve­ni­en­ce to other Wor­d­Press blog­gers, I’ve made a small wid­get to inclu­de the re:publica Ban­ner on your blog. You can down­load it from my blog.
To install:

  1. Down­load re:publica XI Wid­get.
  2. Unzip and upload the con­tents to the direc­to­ry wp-content/plugins/ insi­de your Wor­d­Press instal­la­ti­on. You have to upload the direc­to­ry ‚repu­bli­ca-wid­get‘ to the plugins direc­to­ry, not just the file. 
  3. Log in to the Wor­d­Press backend and acti­va­te the plugin
  4. Move the Wid­get to your side­bar in the Appearan­ce > Wid­ge­ts menu
  5. Select the ban­ner you want to use, and you’­re all set!

Have fun and see you there!

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