Different take on the Keynote

A good num­ber of peo­p­le, inclu­ding Dar­ing Fireball’s estee­med John Gru­ber pain­ted the pic­tu­re that last weeks WWDC key­note was about Goog­le framing the future of com­pu­ting in the brow­ser vs. Apple framing it with nati­ve, local apps on their platt­forms. As much as this being an inte­res­t­ing ques­ti­on, what strikes me as a very fun­da­men­tal chan­ge — and one that’s gone fair­ly uncom­men­ted is Apple doing away with the need to under­stand or deal with files for the gene­ral user. The com­bi­na­ti­on of never having to save your work, just naming it and using it seems so obvious, yet powerful. Adding Ver­si­ons into the mix, and the iCloud sto­rage stra­tegy and sud­den­ly you have a very powerful new way to deal with thr stuff you crea­te. You do not syn­chro­ni­ze, the »truth is in the cloud.« You just access what you have from the device you have near­by, and that’s it. 

It will be inte­res­t­ing to see how this also works out with local file ser­vers and stuff you don’t want to put up on Apple’s ser­vers. But to me, the pic­tures the crew has pain­ted of the future of desk­top inter­faces is the real­ly fun­da­men­tal­ly new thing that we saw.

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