I’m not a fan of goal setting

For a num­ber of weeks now, I have been thin­king what my goals for the next year could be or should be. But after quite some tri­es and thoughts and scribbles, I’ve found out that I don’t belie­ve in plan­ning for the year like that – a year is too long for my tas­tes; the goals I could be set­ting now may be meanin­g­less by the end of the year. But that’s not the main reason.

What real­ly gets to me – and what has taken the lon­gest to work out – is that I no lon­ger want to take part in things that rely on my super­e­go. I don’t want lists to check off, I don’t want num­bers to cha­se. This works way too well for me, but does­n’t real­ly give me ful­film­ent. It is satis­fy­ing peo­p­le that are­n’t in the room. Yes, I can easi­ly be made to fill out lists. The­re is a part of me that likes things lining up. I can ima­gi­ne the pat on the head when I meet goals assi­gned to me. But that’s not /me/. That is not my core, that is not fil­ling the void that is in me.

What does make sen­se to me is plan­ning my days. Thin­king about what I want to be in the days. Thin­king about what fits me this sea­son, this month. What do I want to hap­pen every day, every other day, what needs doing? What are appro­pria­te win­dows of time to do spe­ci­fic things? Is it bet­ter to do this thing in the mor­ning or in the evening?

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  1. Avatar von Tomcat

    I think we have evi­dence now that 100% sup­ports this and I 100% agree with you. I found new years reso­lu­ti­ons and goal set­ting for the year to be a was­te of time and a dis­ap­point­ment. Clear short term goals that are more about working out how I ali­gn with my values in some way have pro­vi­ded me a lot of bene­fit instead.

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